• This summer, I decided I was going to learn how to swim. The last time I even attempted to get in a pool was over 30 years ago. I have never ventured out of the shallow end and all I could do was stand and splash around. My biggest fear was not being able to breathe under water and not being able to touch the ground which would mean drowning for me. Sandra Soldera (my Expert Swim Coach), from Aim Above Swim School, from the onset showed me how to be comfortable in the water by learning how to breathe properly. We started our first few lessons in the shallow end. Every lesson, my coach taught me various swimming techniques (ie: float on my back, treading water, front crawl swim etc.) but most importantly - my coach showed me and made me understand what I could or should do in the pool depending on the circumstance. This took all the fear out for me, because I was taught not only what to do in the deep end, but how to effectively take a break when necessary to save myself. I am now able to jump into the water, tread water for one wholeminute (mind you I need to work on my stamina, because this was really tiring for me!) then, swim across the long length of the pool – front crawl style (with bilateral breathing) - then back to the other end of the pool on my back float. Whew!! It was exhausting but so exhilarating! At the end of 10 lessons, I now know that if I find myself unable to catch a breath while swimming, I know that I can float on my back, or tread water effectively. If I find myself submerged under water, I know how to swim to the surface, tread water, swim to the closest wall or float on my back for safety reasons. I now know I have options, and I now have the skills to execute them. Aim Above's swimming instructions and objectives were clear from the start of my program. I am so proud of myself and so very thankful for my coach, Sandra Soldera, for helping me achieve this life-long wish to learn how to swim and be comfortable in the water. Now, I am looking forward to planning vacations that will involve lots of swimming!!

    Didi Baltazar
    Didi Baltazar Age: 60, Accounts Administrator and a Proud Grandma 🙂
  • I am a mother of a 7 year old and I knew I had to conquer my fears of swimming when one summer day, my daughter passed the deep end test and LEFT ME in the shallow end. I called Aim Above and I'm glad I made this decision! Sandra Soldera is my personal coach, who is concise, professional, clear, and knows what stage I am working on and what the next steps need to be for me and all of her students. She tries different teaching methods and styles to help me understand and master each technique. With only 10 private lessons, I am now comfortable to jump into the deep end, tread water and swim with my family! Thank you so much for teaching me a life skill and for giving me the confidence I needed to leave the shallow end behind! I highly recommend Aim Above to anyone learning to swim - no matter what age you are! I still can't believe I am swimming - it feels so liberating.

    Katherine Bauer
    Katherine Bauer Elementary Scool Teacher, Age 43
  • We are very happy with our instructor's ability to engage Syrah in play-based learning. Unfortunately we have moved to Malaysia so we could not continue; however even now, we still have not managed to find anyone who can match Ms.Soldera's calibre or ability to teach our daughter.

    Azim Manji Father of Syrah, age: 4
  • I have had a great time watching my son Joo have his private swimming lessons weekly at Aim Above Swim School. Sandra Soldera, my son's instructor, uses play-based learning techniques for my son and I can see that he is definitely improving his swimming skills in the pool. He passed 3 levels already and he is only four years old! Sandra is really the most wonderful instructor I have personally ever met. My son was very shy and nervous in the water initially, but she made him feel very comfortable so that he now enjoys the water and the lessons. She really is the perfect fit for my son. Thank you!

    Eunmee Yoon Mother of Joo, age 4
  • Most of our summers are spent in a family pool and I was concerned that Joshua would not know how to swim without his water wings on. I decided to put him in private 1-on-1 swimming classes and am so grateful to have found Sandra. Her patience, professionalism and instruction have made Joshua a great swimmer. Now, he has completed Level 5 and he started as a complete beginner. Swimming lessons taught by Sandra truly has given me peace of mind! Thank you.

    Lindsay Espinoza Mother of Joshua, age: 7
  • Thanks so much for all your great work with the kids Sandra! They really looked forward to their lessons with you and we certainly noticed a marked improved in their swimming skills. My husband and I are happy we went with Aim Above Swim School. Truly wonderful news about them passing level 1 and 4. Thanks again!

    Sonia Oleskevych
    Sonia Oleskevych Mother of Kristina 7 yrs old, Michael 5 yrs old
  • Dear Aim Above Swim School, I just want to thank you again - especially your instructor - Sandra for teaching my two kids. Both of my children have made big improvements - especially Brenton. I was amazed that how much he was willing to cooperate with our instructor Sandra, and he can put his head into the water now. Also, Brady's back float is much better! I am anxious to see how will perform back in Hong Kong with our regular swimming lessons. We are here in Canada 4 months of the year. I will definitely call you again next summer for private swimming lessons when we are back in the country. Sandra is a fantastic swimming teacher! I am a very happy mom. 🙂

    Priscilla Pang
    Priscilla Pang Mother of Brenton & Brady, ages: 3 and 5
  • My 9 year old daughter, Karissa, was not making progress at our local YMCA where things were very chaotic, and she refused to go to her swim lessons. Thankfully, I found Sandra Soldera at Aim Above Swim School, and amazingly in just sixteen 1-hour private lessons, Karissa has mastered the 4 main swim strokes: front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke, elementary backstroke; and has acquired her level 6 badge by swimming 250 metres continuously! Our instructor Sandra has had a very positive influence on Karissa and established a wonderful rapport with her where Karissa always looked forward to her next lesson. I highly recommend Aim Above and Sandra to anyone wanting to learn the life saving skill of swimming from a very accomplished professional who is great with kids and adults alike and always uses positive encouragement.

    Francisca P Mother of Karissa, age: 9
  • I'm a young veteran and am in the long transition to living out the rest of my life. I realized that there were obstacles I haven't yet tackled, and decided to face them no matter how far into my adult life I was. Swimming was definitely on my list! Aim Above Swim School has given me the tools to practice and conquer my biggest fear - water. Private adult lessons have opened a new chapter and has broadened my happiness levels and built my confidence especially in the deep end. Private lessons were worth the time, money and effort! I would highly recommend private swim lessons to anyone.

    James Balancio
    James Balancio Sergeant and Young Veteran, age: 36 yrs
  • I just wanted to pass along my thanks to Aim Above; especially Sandra Soldera - for the wonderful job you did teaching my son, Alex to swim. Your patience and support made Alex's learning experience a very positive one. I can't believe my son has gone from a non-swimmer to someone who now thoroughly enjoys swimming in four months! I would highly recommend this private lesson service to anyone.

    Heather Purves
    Heather Purves Mother of Alex, age: 16
  • I initially contacted Sandra because I was an adult learner who never had the opportunity to learn how to swim as a child. I was very happy to find Ms. Soldera at Aim Above. She truly exceeded my expectations and her teaching experience, patience, guidance and concise instruction really helped me become a better swimmer. I feel that my swimming has improved and I know so much more about using proper breathing and kicking techniques. I'm relieved that I finally found an instructor who will help me achieve my swimming goals. I tried group lessons in the past but I found I didn't advance as much. Private lessons really fast-tracked my learning. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be swimming in deep water soon, as I only had 6 private lessons so far. With Sandra, I know that each and every class I have - she truly does help me aim above my swimming expectations. I can't wait to go to Mexico on my vacation and apply my swimming knowledge - especially my treading water skills!

    Yaser Zuhair
    Yaser Zuhair age: 26
  • I was an adult who could not float and was actually afraid of the water. I would walk into a room that had a swimming pool and I would get terrified simply from smelling the chlorine and seeing the pool. After only ten lessons with Ms. Soldera, I am now able to front float, back float, tread water, go into the deep end, side glide etc. I have been extremely impressed with her professionalism, punctuality and rates. I highly recommend her with respect to teaching an adult how to swim.

    Alex Flesias
    Alex Flesias age: 35
  • I always watched my wife swim at our cottage up north and I was hesitant to learn how to swim as I was always terrified of deep water and afraid of drowning. I thought I was too old, and that I should just sit by the sidelines. It even crossed my mind that at my age, it may be too late to learn. When I came across Aim Above's swimming ad, I inquired within and after speaking with Sandra, she convinced me that if I don't take the risk of at least trying one swimming lesson, I had nothing to lose. I thought I might try a swimming lesson. I was very intrigued by one-on-one lessons as I wasn't a big fan of learning in a group setting. Sandra really proved me wrong and I really felt that every swimming lesson that I have with her is not only beneficial to my health, but therapeutic. She is very informative, accommodating and helpful. Her enthusiasm, expertise, energy and professionalism really shows each and every class. I am proud to say that I can now swim with my wife at our cottage and finally enjoy the water leisurely in the deep end. What I thought was "mission impossible" was actually a dream come true. I'm very fortunate to have found Sandra at Aim Above.

    Rod Ritchie age: 64
  • My husband initially was Sandra's student. I did not know to swim at all, and I was hesitant to accompany my husband when Sandra suggested that I attend the swimming lessons as well so that we can learn together. It was the best decision I made. Sandra is incredible - for someone like me who takes longer than others (because of my inexperience in swimming), Sandra patiently helped me get comfortable in the water and learn the different lessons. Each day she would do a brief refresher from the last lesson and teach us at least one new thing, if not more. My husband has a fear of putting head under the water. The swimming goggles and Sandra's asistance has helped him to remove his fear. I would recommend Sandra very highly. She is incredible. She knows how to teach, she knows the every right lesson in swimming and she is attentive. We are glad we chose her as our instructor.

    Mala Prakash
    Mala Prakash Business Owner/Consultant
  • Although I had swimming lessons when I was a kid, I was never really comfortable with being in water where I couldn’t touch the ground. This kept me away from the water for many years and it wasn’t until recently, when I started canoeing, that I realized I needed to improve my swimming. Sandra was able to help me conquer my fears of being in deep water, teach me swimming techniques from scratch, and help me reach my goals, all in a very short period of time. I’m sure I could have taken group lessons at the local rec. centre, but Sandra’s private lessons helped me improve exponentially and at my own pace. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

    Wilbur Wong
    Wilbur Wong Asset Manager Age: 27
  • As a 31 year old woman who does not know how to swim at all, Aim Above Swim School was prompt in responding to my questions and hesitations. My instructor encouraged me towards taking a chance and finally taking swim lessons, which I had been afraid to do for so long. Sandra is a skilled instructor, who is patient and an efficient communicator. Her lessons were progressive and after a few classes, I felt much more comfortable being in the water. She works very hard to accommodate to your schedule and I'm very happy I was able to find her as a teacher at Aim Above.

    Kham Pecorella age: 32; Orthopedic Services Office Manager
  • I could swim, had done so for years, but without style or technique and always with great effort and power of will. Many of us as we age turn to private ambitions: to study an art; to learn a language or a musical instrument, perhaps, even, to dance. My own private intent was always clear to me: finally, to learn how to swim with ease and efficiency, even with some grace. Of course, I dithered for years as I knew how difficult the re-training of old muscular memory could be, but then I heard about Aim Above and Sandra Soldera (the Adult Swim Coach Specialist). I still can't quite believe how lucky I was to find such a teacher that met my needs perfectly. One with experience, empathy, patience (such patience) and, most of all, the evident powerful desire to help you reach your goal. I am well started and an 86 year old. I really can't ask for more. I can recommend Aim Above Swim School without reservation.

    John Harraghy
    John Harraghy Retired Business Owner, 86 years old
  • Having Sandra as a swimming instructor has been an amazing experience! I started my lessons as a complete beginner with no prior swimming experience. Within the first six sessions, I was completely comfortable in the water and practicing different swim strokes! Sandra’s energy and enthusiasm keeps me motivated to push myself and learn new things every class. If you are considering it, don’t think twice- swimming lessons with Sandra are a great investment!

    Sarah Abbasi age: 30; Chartered Accountant
  • I initially contacted Aim Above because I didn't know how to swim. I recently got into fishing and really wanted to learn how to swim but didn't know where to begin. I wanted to get private lessons, without getting embarrassed or frustrated due to lack of progress in a group setting. When I contacted Aim Above, I thought no harm in trying one adult swimming lesson, and I'm really glad I did. I signed up for a package and have had 15 classes so far. I couldn't be happier! There is a lot more to swimming than I initially thought. I went from only wanting a quick crash course to being fascinated by everything about swimming: technique, safety, endurance, speed and stamina. There are so many different techniques and I have to say, that swimming is a fantastic workout! My trainer - Sandra Soldera - put me completely at ease. When I first started, I would sink like a stone. Now, I understand why this is. I look forward to showing her how much better I've gotten with her help. There is something new she teaches each and every class that I have with her; and she helps you improve what you've already learned. Her professionalism is fantastic and it is impressive to watch/work with anybody that truly loves what they do and practices what they preach. Aim Above instructors know how to push you and get you to next level, if exercise and physical fitness is what you are striving for - then I wouldn't even hesitate to call them today. Technique also helped me conserve my energy and use it in the right places. I would really recommend Aim Above Swim School even if you think your a good swimmer already. I would highly recommend Aim Above if you're new to swimming, scared of or just absolutely terrible (like me when I initially started) at swimming. Whether your an adult or child, her enthusiasm and knowledge has motivated me to swim, even when my coach is not around and I am signing up for my first triathalon this August! A few months ago, I got winded walking up one flight of stairs and basically could drown in tub. Honestly, Aim Above Swim School is the best, you'd be crazy not to try a lesson at Aim Above. Swimming is much more enjoyable when you swim with proper technique, and like me, I assure you, your instructor will make sure you know what your doing.

    Andrew Peixoto
    Andrew Peixoto age: 32, Auto Mechanic
  • My experience with Aim Above was exhilarating! Despite never having taken swimming lessons before, and having avoided swimming for 20 years (after a back problem), I took the plunge and registered with Aim Above. Imagine my surprise and excitement to be performing front crawl (with bilateral breathing!) and breast stroke after only a few lessons!!! I never thought it possible. My amazing progress was due to the excellent instruction from Aim Above. Sandra Soldera is methodical, analytical and a clear communicator. Each lesson was customized to my level which allowed me to learn more quickly than in a group setting. Sandra is a patient, encouraging and professional trainer. It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, with the help of Aim Above, I certainly achieved all of my goals and I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

    Laura Walsh
    Laura Walsh Retired
  • Dear Aim Above Swim School, I would like to thank your coach, Sandra Soldera for teaching me how to swim. I am an adult swimmer and I had such a patient, expert and experienced coach. I really appreciate the time she took to improve my swimming skills and confidence in the water. I am grateful. Thank you!!

    Dr. Susan Jaglal
    Dr. Susan Jaglal University Professor
  • I am in the military and had an advanced water phase to go through for a specific training course. Sandra Soldera at Aim Above, was my swim coach and she helped me immensely with my swimming technique and overall comfort level in the water enabling me to be successful. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for swim instruction. Thank you!

    Alexander H
    Alexander H Military Candidate and Personal Trainer
  • Initially, I was hesitant to take private swimming lessons because i always thought swimming was something I should have learned as a child, not a 31 year old grown woman! I spent 6 months learning how to swim with Aim Above Swim School and my coach was Sandra Soldera. She took me from simply putting my face in the water all the way to the deep end. This past May, I was able to swim and play with some beautiful dolphins with absolutely no fear! Aim Above is an incredible school and Sandra is awesome! I am truly grateful for her patience and kindness while teaching me such an important life skill!

    Dianne Aquino
    Dianne Aquino Health Professional, Age 31