In our swimming program for children, Aim Above Swim School specializes in professional swim instruction of all ages following the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society teaching methods and curriculum.

Aim Above swimmers are taught at their appropriate swimming level, not at their age level. This allows each instructor to monitor the individual child and encourage them to progress through the various Red Cross levels at a rate that is comfortable to them. We even allow some families with multiple children to learn together if their skill level is similar.

Different Strokes…

We all know that children learn at different rates and with 1-on-1 private lessons, your child will definitely learn at an exponential rate.

Our classes are designed so children can learn to swim while having fun! The Learn to Swim Program is designed to allow interactive participation. We encourage parents and students to look at the amount of progress that was made during a set of lessons, not whether they moved onto the next level.

You will see results and improvements in your child’s swimming skills and movements. Swimming is a lifetime skill that requires time and practice.

We have an average amount of classes that our average children complete each level by; however each child progresses at their own pace.

Swimming boy

Ask Us Anything

Feel free to ask our Aim Above Instructors on the average number of classes required to complete each level. The private 1-on-1 lesson program contains 10 progressive levels designed to teach the 6 basic swimming strokes: front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke, elementary backstroke, butterfly and sidestroke.

Our instructors always AIM ABOVE and ensure that students must fully master each progression before moving onto the next level.