Experienced & Certified Swimming Instruction

Learning to swim later in life can be a fun rewarding experience. Adults learn differently than children and our swimming instructors are trained in adult education where we follow a step-by-step guide to teach you foundational techniques in order to swim efficiently!

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Let us help you understand the science of learning how to swim. We can help you master your swimming moves. After many years, we have taught over 5000 + adults and business professionals across Mississauga & the Greater Toronto Area learn to swim.

    Reasons to Take Private Adult Swimming Lessons:

    Adults may take swimming lessons for a variety of reasons: to conquer childhood fears, use swimming as a different form of exercise, to combat previous traumatic experiences in the water, train for a specific swimming event, become more comfortable on their next beach vacation, or just to learn a new skill.

    Whatever your goal may be, Aim Above plans to help you achieve your swimming goals as quickly as possible.

    Various Professionals Seek Lessons

    Our Instructors teach various business professionals such as doctors, lawyers, architects, accountants, engineers and various business managers how to swim and improve their swimming skills. We teach individuals, couples, sisters, brothers, friends, colleagues and even your own family members.

    You will definitely benefit from 1-on-1 private adult swimming lessons. Your rate of learning is exponential to your own swimming success. We usually teach 55-minute private lesson classes and 60-min for 2-on-1 or 3-on-1 classes for couples/groups. Inquire within for more details. You will learn a valuable skill for a lifetime.

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    Everyone is Different

    The average # of classes it takes to swim is about 10-20 private 1-on-1 classes; group classes take longer. Sometimes individuals sign up for more depending on your swimming goal(s). Each person learns at a different rate; however after 10 classes; you will have the fundamentals necessary to ensure your own water safety, comfort breathing in and out of the water; swimming movement (back and front) and understand the necessary components for your own survival skills.

    Beyond the 10 class point, you will learn your swimming strokes, techniques and master your form so that you can swim for fitness and improve your stamina in the water. Twenty (20) classes is what it takes to be “water proficient” according to our private lesson swimming standards here at Aim Above. Our lessons are customized to you where your learning rate is truly exponential.

    Best suggestion is for you to try a class with our adult swim coach and see if we are the right choice for you!