Baby Swimming Lessons Mississauga

Swim Lessons for babies

Our aim is to empower parents by teaching them to progress at the child's pace using verbal cues, body language, and positive feedback. Our Instructors at Aim Above guide parents in introducing their child to water skills using water toys, games and interactive songs.

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Childrens swimming lessons Mississauga

Swim Lessons for Kids

In our swimming program for children, Aim Above specializes in professional swim instruction of all ages following the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society teaching methods and curriculum. Aim Above swimmers are taught at their appropriate swimming level, not at their age level.

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Adult swimming lessons Toronto

Swim Lessons for Adults

Learning to swim later in life can be a fun rewarding experience. Adults learn differently than children and our instructors are trained in adult education to go step-by-step and teach you foundational techniques to master your swimming moves with private adult swimming lessons.

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About Aim Above

What is all about
At Aim Above, we would be happy to teach your child how to swim and improve their swimming skills. For over a decade, we have assisted thousands of children, teenagers, and adults how to swim and it saved their lives. Because no two people experience the same difficulties when learning, we take the time to fully understand your swimming concerns and yours/your child's swimming difficulties and integrate these into an individualized program that we create specifically for you/your child's needs. Whether you or a loved one needs to learn how to swim, increase his/her swimming endurance or fitness, enhance stroke improvement, swim with ease in the deep end, we can help.

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Make a Swimming Payment

Aim Above offers private swimming lessons and private adult swimming lessons in the Toronto and Mississauga area.


  • 8 out of 10 drowning victims are MALE
  • The backyard pool is the site where children under 5 years most often drown
  • Recreational activities continue to accounting for 59% of Canadian drowning
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